Smith Agri International has grown its services, successfully partnering with the agribusiness sector to deliver over 350 individual transactions in both the domestic and international markets on behalf of both sellers and buyers. 

Smith Agri International foresees further upside growth in its business model going forward with significant asset listings and buy-side mandates current and upcoming. Smith Agri International is committed to further expansion to meet demand, always ensuring both vendor and buyer experiences are positive and conclude to the mutual benefit of both parties. Smith Agri International prides itself on ‘delivering solutions, not problems’ and in doing so, ensures our sound, transparent and trusted reputation is maintained throughout the sector. 

Direct engagement to all levels of key stakeholders includes institutional investors, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, industry, governments, individual property owners, farmers, corporations (including timber and mining sectors), management organisations, appointed receivers, banks and Indigenous groups.



Integrated throughout rural Australia, Smith Agri International has engaged across a wide range of agribusiness sectors in support of our clients. 

Engagements throughout Australia are as diverse as the sector itself and include cattle in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, cropping and sheep in Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, almonds and grapes in Victoria and South Australia, rural lifestyle and eco-tourism in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania among others. 

Our industry knowledge, transparent engagement and commitment to our clients ensures not only the best representation of the asset, but a robust assessment of possible aggregation and highest and best use opportunities presented within any given environment. Capturing every possible interest underpins high competitive tension in the pursuit of unlocking the widest possible investor interest in support of the highest possible asset value. 

At Smith Agri International we recognise the value of our clients’ land. Underpinned by a firm understanding of agronomy and key site selection parameters (e.g. annual rainfall, topography, soil types, nutrient levels, supportive infrastructure and market access) we know first-hand that good land will always remain good land irrespective of the crop that sits upon it at any given time. 

Conversion to a range of highest and best agricultural uses has always been a strategy of good farming practices. With international institutional investment growing within Australasia, opportunities exist from which to retire debt and/ or obtain capital to expand or aggregate in the pursuit of maintaining a competitive market advantage.



Our experience has included active roles in the international timberland / forestry sector. 

Engagements in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, USA, UK, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Brazil, Argentina and Chile have provided a solid knowledge platform and a wide range of exposure to global markets, the industry market value-chain and known and emerging product uses. 

Our dealings throughout the sector’s value chain provides our clients access to a unique skill set unmatched by other representative firms in support of forward asset planning and transactions. 

First-hand experience includes:

  • Transactions throughout Australasia equating to over 95,000 hectares (234,745 acres) for the purpose of commercial plantation, agriculture and horticulture, biodiversity/carbon offset, dedicated biomass/biofuel, retention and conservation. 

  • Establishment and management logistics including the planning, design, logistics and planting of over 68,000,000 trees (56,000 hectares or 138,400 acres) across numerous species types (hardwood and softwood), and harvest and haulage throughout Australia. 

  • Negotiation of large-scale and long-term resource/wood supply agreements (pulp, poles, sawlog, pellet, biomass and carbon) throughout Australia and more recently within the USA.



Investing in agribusiness is a direct way to benefit from the growing worldwide demand for high-quality, safe food. Longterm projections in world population growth and the rise of the middle class is continuing to increase the demand for agricultural exports. In addition, investments in Australia present low sovereign risk and ensure an opportunity for counter-seasonal offerings to opposing hemisphere production.


Agribusiness is integrated into global markets through the increasing commoditisation of products, global free trade agreements, currency exchange and shifting global demand. Agriculture and Timberland provide unprecedented opportunity to leverage natural advantage and access to fast-growing consumer markets for healthy, premium and convenient food products.


  • Strong biosecurity regulations. 

  • Advanced research and development, technology and productive farming operations. 

  • Clean, green and safe production. 

  • Skilled workforce. 

  • Export orientation through transparent and established supply chains - over AU$50bn in annual agricultural (including forestry) exports. 

  • Diverse climatic and growing conditions. 

  • Boutique producers to large-scale farming operations. 

  • Established network of free trade agreements (FTAs) including strong access to the fast-growing Asian region. 

  • Quality infrastructure (roads, highways, ports, etc.).


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